We are proud to present our latest exclusive innovation: MORE by NAVYBOOT – Switzerland’s first comfortable pumps. We know: you like to wear high heels because they are elegant, cool and sexy. We also know: wearing heels can be uncomfortable, and sometimes even painful. This bothered us. Because we care about you. That is why, over the past few months, we have worked together with experts and put all of our experience and knowledge into developing a new kind of shoe. On the next page, you can read how a specialist explains MORE by NAVYBOOT. We are positive that you will love MORE by NAVYBOOT. Enjoy wearing these innovative new shoes!

Philippe Gaydoul

“MORE by NAVYBOOT – less pain, more stability”

What happens to your feet in high heels?

The height of the heel causes the foot to slide forward into the toe of the shoe. As a result, the forefoot is compressed.

Why do high heels make your feet hurt?

When the forefoot is compressed, the plantar nerves between the heads of the metatarsal bones can become inflamed. This inflammation is called Morton’s neuroma. It causes women to experience sharp, burning pain, which often quickly subsides as soon as they take off their high heels.

At what age do women experience these issues?

Young women generally perceive this pressure as an ache rather than as a sharp pain. As they age, however, the connective tissue weakens and, combined with the lack of muscle tissue in this part of the foot, this leads to increased pain the longer a woman wears high heels. At some point this pain becomes unbearable. Many women are forced, begrudgingly, to give up their pumps.

You helped to develop MORE by NAVYBOOT. What was the most important aspect for you?

I wanted to make sure that we supported the foot so that it would no longer slide forward so easily. The innovative structure of MORE by NAVYBOOT shoes significantly reduces the pressure exerted on the front of the foot, which also reduces pain. Furthermore, we designed the shoes so that they offer women much more stability. The women who tested these elegant high heels were thoroughly impressed!

Frank Maier is an orthopaedic technician and the owner of Rütschi AG in Zurich