History - It all started with the NAVYBOOT Original

NAVYBOOT was founded 1991 in Zurich and is still based in the iconic Swiss city today. Since 2008, the Swiss shoe and accessories brand has been part of the Gaydoul Group. In 2013, Philippe Gaydoul took over the role of CEO.

NAVYBOOT was launched 1991 with a unique shoe for men, the NAVYBOOT Original. The shoe collection expanded in 1992 and a year later, the company began collaborating with license partners in clothing and glasses. The first women’s shoe hit the market in 1996.

Vertical integration began in 2001 with the opening of NAVYBOOT’s first dedicated store in Zurich. The number of NAVYBOOT stores grew rapidly from 2002 onwards and today NAVYBOOT has stores in Switzerland, Germany and China.

NAVYBOOT - The brand

The origins of the NAVYBOOT brand name and the NAVYBOOT Original lie with the US Navy. The idea for the NAVYBOOT Original can be traced back to a boot issued to young men in the US Navy to be worn during shore leave. This boot was refined over the years to offer even the most varied shapes of foot a perfect fit with superior comfort. Inspired by this long tradition, NAVYBOOT introduced the NAVYBOOT Original under the banner of “Swiss-made shoe” in 1991. A contemporary version of this classic shoe for men and women made a return to the NAVYBOOT collection in 2012.