NAVYBOOT is a Swiss shoe and accessories brand headquartered in Zurich.

The history of NAVYBOOT began in New York. This is where the founder of the company first noticed the shoes that the US Navy men wore on shore leave: manly, indestructible, timeless. He decided to create a shoe that embodies these principles and market it in Switzerland. In 1991, he founded NAVYBOOT in Zurich and started selling the first men’s shoe model. Right from the start, the shoe was a great success and the collection began to expand steadily. NAVYBOOT introduced women’s shoes to its collection in 1996. After undergoing a facelift, the NAVYBOOT Original is once again one of the best-selling shoes in the collection and is offered in a variety of stylish models.

In 2008, NAVYBOOT was taken over by Swiss entrepreneur Philippe Gaydoul. The following year, NAVYBOOT expanded into Germany, and in 2011, the company had their market launch in Asia. Today, the Swiss shoe and accessories brand is represented at over 50 sales points in Switzerland and in Germany. The products are primarily sold according to a vertical sales strategy at retail stores, outlets and shop-in-shops and in the NAVYBOOT online shop.